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You are ordering the adapter with hardware only. No holster or QLS fork will be included in the order. 

These adapters are specifically made for you to run Blackhawk holsters with the Safariland platform. You can either run them with QLS or directly mount them to the Safariland paddle (you will need to drill one extra hole on the paddle).

X300 Omnivore users note: The adapter might not fit correctly and might interfere with the lock mechanism, please use washers to space the adapter away from the holster so it doesn’t interfere with your holster function. We don’t include any extra washers/longer screws for this specific holster, please source your own from local hardware store. 

How we make them:

These are 3D printed with ABS, which is the most commonly used type of polymer out there. ABS can withstand high heat and lots of abuse as they have been tested. After numerous efforts to break them, we can confidently say that they will not break until your QLS or Holster gives up.

How are they mounted:

We provide you with all the necessary hardware to mount them to an Omnivore holster. Instead of relying purely on the adapter to hold your holster and the mounting platform together, these adapters are designed to let you use the middle hole on the QLS fork and bolt holster directly onto the QLS fork (see picture). With this adapter, you will not lose the cant adjustability of the QLS system and can enjoy the full benefits of the versatility of the Safariland QLS.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in


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